Real Estate Investing - Why We're Bullish on Atlanta

Posted by Jamestown Invest on June 18, 2020
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Atlanta is growing: Considered the unofficial capital of the New South, Atlanta is the nation’s fourth
fastest growing metropolitan area(1), with an expected population growth from 5.95 million as of July 2018 to over 9 million by 2050(2). Along with a number of major corporations that have long been headquartered in Atlanta, including 16 Fortune 500 companies(3), this growth means there is potential for real estate values to continue to rise.

Our newly launched fund is targeting value-add real estate in several major markets including Atlanta. Invest with the added benefit of Jamestown’s longstanding and extensive experience in the city.
If you are considering an investment, the offering price will be evaluated on a quarterly basis and could be revised to reflect updated valuation of assets and liabilities.


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2. U.S. Census, July 2018 and Curbed Atlanta - Population Million Regional Commission Projections
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