Portfolio News: November 2020

Posted by Jamestown Invest on December 02, 2020
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At Jamestown, we share a mission to create innovation hubs and community centers at our commercial real estate properties.

Once a month, Portfolio News will highlight the people and experiences that make Jamestown real estate properties more than just amazing spaces. Portfolio News posts will explore items of interest in the areas of Innovation, Growth, Sustainability, and Community; these four pillars inform the value-add work we do every day as a real estate investment and management firm. Each of the properties listed here are not owned by or targets for Jamestown Invest 1, LLC. They are not representative of Jamestown Invest 1, LLC’s investment strategy and are not representative of the scale of investments that Jamestown Invest 1, LLC intends to make. This monthly digest is intended to give readers of Real Estate 360 a better understanding of Jamestown’s approach and tenant successes, which all contribute to company culture.


Every year, Jamestown’s One Times Square hosts the world for the New Year’s Eve celebration live from New York. This year, OTS will host the first-ever Virtual NYE through a multi-media, experiential technology platform. Click here for an exclusive preview of the event, which allows our audience to enjoy augmented reality, virtual reality, and gaming experiences through a dedicated app, website, and streaming services.



Cheese Me, offering delectable cheese, veggie, and fruit boards, is popping up at Buckhead Village on Thursdays through Sundays throughout November. Their artful Tuscan-Inspired hors d'oeuvre boxes and canned drinks are available for guests to enjoy at The Veranda or take to-go. Cheese Me is also hosting holiday cheeseboard making classes in The Veranda.

Cheese me


We recently published Jamestown's 2019 Sustainability and Social Responsibility Report, which summarizes ESG performance from 2019 and the first half of 2020. Jamestown achieved its 20% energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets early, and adopted a new goal of net zero operational carbon by 2050. Click here to read the full report, including out revised short-, medium-, and long-term targets.

sustainability report


Ponce City Market was selected as a Fulton County polling location and opened its doors to voters on November 3. The tower lights were lit red, white, and blue in observance of Election Day. Additionally, The Observatory at America's Square hosted three media outlets for live coverage of the election. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, this rooftop event venue has generated more revenue in 2020 versus 2019 due to media bookings.

PCM Vote


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