Expert-level insights on the Jamestown Invest Fund.

With a $2500 minimum investment, Jamestown Invest opens commercial real estate investing to a new audience. Jamestown, known for its stewardship of iconic, mixed-use properties across the United States, is an experienced real estate investor and operator that understands how to create value throughout the property lifecycle: acquisition, operation, and sale. Historically, Jamestown's investments have been limited to German individuals and institutional investors; Jamestown Invest, which focuses on smaller projects, opens real estate opportunities to US individuals for the first time.

Jamestown’s strategy for value creation is outlined within our Investment Summary and shows why nearly 80,000 individual investors have chosen to invest in quality, innovative real estate with Jamestown. Register below to access our Investment Summary with everything you need to know about Jamestown Invest 1, LLC.

Insights include:
  • Fund Goals
  • Investment Strategy
  • Target Assets Business Plan
  • Investment Terms
  • How to Get Started
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